Use a net cleaner with Yanmar belts for safe, gentle and efficient cleaning of fish farming nets.

1. Gentle contact

Yanmar’s gentle belts are made of soft rubber, without any sharp parts. They have no sharp edges that can damage the net, but a rubber structure that ensures good

Trygge gummibelter

Safe belts with soft rubber

and gentle contact.

– It has almost becomed an established truth in the aquaculture industry that all belts are bad. But ours are designed in a unique way that does not harm the net, says Jan Erik Søreide at Østerbø Maskin AS.

2. Good grip and thorough cleaning

To achieve a completely clean net, close contact and good grip are needed. This way you can clean with low and gentle pressure and still achieve top results.

– Our Yanmar cleaner is a “bad ass” cleaner that even takes musells. It is also the only one who can thoroughly clean the lice skirts in the same washing process according to customer feedback, says Søreide.

– We have experience with different net cleaners and and think Yanmar is the solution with belts that are most gentle with the net and has the market’s best cleaning quality.

General Manager Kristian Kristensen, Folden Akva AS

3. Large contact area and smart distribution of push force

Notvask tett kontakt i topp

Close contact – even in top

Østerbø Yanmar net cleaner has a large contact surface against the net and distributes the force of two belts and four wide drums. Sliding power per engine (1 belt and 2 drums) is 75 kilos.

In an average net with mask opening 2.2 cm each mask has a breaking strenght of about 100 kilos. Contact surface belts: 2 x 11.5 * 125 cm. In addition, drums of 4 x 60 * 10 cm.

– Although only minor parts of the belt have contact with the net under special conditions, the breaking strength in the net are superior to the pushing force in the belt. According to the numbers it is almost impossible to make holes with our soft rubber bands with the right use and approved net, says Søreide

– It comes with rollers on both the front and back and copes well with difficult or slack nets. It cleans very well in troublesome situations.

David Skea, MD, Leco Marine Ltd

4. No holes

Extensive diving controls shows no damage to the net as a result of cleaning with Yanmar belts.

– Due to concerns from fish farmers who have experience from competing equipment, several of our customers have completed third-party diving control after cleaning. These show that the Østerbø Yanmar cleaner is safe in use, concludes Søreide.


Jan Erik Søreide

Jan Erik Søreide in Østerbø Maskin AS


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