What is important to consider before buying a net cleaner? Here are some advice of important elements to consider in order to get best value for your money.


A good location has good throughput of water and nutrient. This is a challenge to handle for several net cleaners. That the cleaner tackle currents will mean less downtime and you can finish the job on time. Consider the conditions where you clean.

Slack net

The condition of the net decide what type of net cleaner you need. Everyone can work in tight net, but only the toughest tackle slack, challenging nets that are just as common along our coast.

Slakk not

Currents and slack net can make the conditions under water very demanding.

Diesel Consumption

There are large variations between different models. Choosing a model with low fuel consumption will make a huge difference in operating costs. Variations from about 14-100 liters per hour makes a fair amount of money in a year.

Wear on the net

High pressure doesn´t only remove dirt and fouling but also wear the net. A low wash pressure is below 150 bar.

Cleaning Quality

All net cleaners on the market provide satisfying wash quality optimal tight net. It is on heavy fouling, mussels and the top of the net you get see what cleaner that perform best.

Maintenance Needs

By selecting an established cleaner you ensure that the technology is proven and optimized. Minimal need for maintenance ensures low running costs and little downtime.

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