Leco Marine has just reached a very special milestone: 1 whole year without unintended maintenance stops on their Østerbø Yanmar net cleaner.

Advantage in the market

This gives them a huge advantage in the market. – Our customers demand 100% clean nets delivered fast and secure. They are very pleased with our work and have confidence in us being able to carry out their net cleaning schedule as planned with minimal, none so far, downtime, says David Skea in Leco Marine Ltd. Leco Marine has also noticed interest from other salmon companies searching for information about this cleaner.

“1400 work hours in rough conditions without stop says it all” 


– The Yanmar net cleaner in our experience is the net cleaner with the highest reliablility. 1400 work hours in rough conditions without stop says it all, Says Mr. Skea, – This reliability allows us to Notvaskerhave confidence in fulfilling our customers’ expectations.

Leco Marine has done some normal precautions. – We have adhered to the Yanmar maintenance schedule (per 500 hours) and taken great care of the machine over the past year to ensure its longevity. Our crew are highly experienced with the machine and the mechanical understanding of it has helped us with its continuous operation

About Leco Marine

– We always do our best to fulfill and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations and the Yanmar has helped us achieve this. We aim to continue to grow within the Scottish Aquaculture industry offering on site net cleaning, diving services and workboat hire, says Skea