Net cleaning

Perhaps the markets best solution for net cleaning

Smart and safe net cleaning with Østerbø Yanmar

Østerbø Yanmar Net cleaner is an submergible robot for cleaning of fish farming nets. It is like the oceans Land Cruiser with uniqe accessibility all around the net, even in strong currents and slack net.


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Customer reviews

– The Net cleaners best quality is that it withstands currents well so we can fulfil our job even in bad conditions. It also cleans very gentle and doesn’t remove the impregnation on the nets. This keeps our customers happy. Compared to other solutions on the market we find the Østerbø Yanmars Net Cleaner to have a very good cleaning result, and due to low pressure it is not compromising with the gentleness.

Øyvind Høie

CEO, Yatek AS

– It comes with rollers on both the front and back and copes well with difficult or slack nets. It cleans very well in troublesome situations and also has a lower fuel consumption than many of the alternative cleaners.

David Skea

MD, Leco Marine Ltd

Save operating costs

Built on an easy, genial and robust technology the Yanmar cleaner has very low maintenance needs. 

It delivers the markets lowest fuel consume with record low 14-18 litres pr hour.

This gives you the lowest operating costs.

Minimal downtime

The net cleaner has over 60 000 operating hours in harsh conditions along the coast. 

We continuously develop and improve the net cleaner in dialogue with the customers. This gives you unique dependability.

Get the job done on time.

Less wear on net

The soft and safe rubber belts ensures close contact and a good grip. It handles even harsh conditions.

With a low pressure starting at only 45 bar, you can clean the net gentle but thorough

Less noise stress for the fish

The cleaner has the lowest number nozzles and three large thrusters run by waterpressure. This makes the cleaning more silent. 

This will reduce the influence on the fish during washing.

Good for you, good for the environment

The lowest cleaning pressure gives the least emissions of anti fouling to the environment. In addition we also have the lowest diesel consume. 

The silent pump unit provides good working conditions on board the service boat.

The most affordable in use

Operating costs pr 1500 hours

Service parts (500+1000 h): € 6 700,-

Fuel costs pr 1500 h

Yanmar net cleaner + Østerbø pump (16 l/t): € 24 000,-
Yanmar net cleaner + D300 pump (22 l/t): € 33 000,-

(Based on diesel price: 1 €, 1 € = 9,7 NOK)

Fuel costs comparison, costs pr 1 500 hours

Net cleaner news

4 reasons why net cleaning is safe with Yanmar belts

4 reasons why net cleaning is safe with Yanmar belts

Use a net cleaner with Yanmar belts for safe, gentle and efficient cleaning of fish farming nets. 1. Gentle contact Yanmar's gentle belts are made of soft rubber, without any sharp parts. They have no sharp edges that can damage the net, but a rubber structure that...

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No downtime for Skottish service company

No downtime for Skottish service company

Leco Marine has just reached a very special milestone: 1 whole year without unintended maintenance stops on their Østerbø Yanmar net cleaner. Advantage in the market This gives them a huge advantage in the market. - Our customers demand 100% clean nets delivered fast...

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We are offering financing solutions through our collaborator Export Credit Norway.

Features Net Cleaner

We offer complete solutions for net cleaning

Pump unit and hose drum for optimal use, storage and transport

More information

Technical specifications
Model NCL-LX
Operation method Manual with joystick
Body External dimensions L1358 x W2287 x H874 mm
Weight 600 kg
Max speed 21 m/min
Max cleaning speed 2200 m2/t
Max depth 50 m
Propeller 450 mm dia x 3
Wheels Two row rubber crawlers+ 4 wide tires
Drive unit DC-motor with reduction gear – 48 VDC
Depth sensor Type x 1
Camera CCD x 2
LED-lampe LED x 4 (optional)

Features Net cleaner

  • Withstands currents and swell
  • Clean everywhere in net – even top and in slack net
  • Low fuel consume
  • Clean with fish in cage
  • Uses all of the water in the pump for cleaning
  • Good control on conditions under water with camera and screens
  • Low maintenance
  • Financing through Export credit norway

Why clean the net?

  • Prevents spreading paracites
  • Good conditions for cleaning fish against lice
  • Less use of chemicals and medicine
  • Better oxygen flow
  • Healthier fish
  • Faster growth

Du you want to clean smart and safe too?
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